Georgia Programs

Our Georgia Outdoor Ministry programs are designed for young men from a single parent home.  These programs are designed to provide mentorship with solid Christian men, time in God’s Word, and spending time in God’s creation away from the daily distractions.

All of the following programs are open to boys from fatherless or one parent homes in middle or high school and are free of charge.  However we are limited on space in each program.  To register for one simply drop a line to Don Brooks at or Tim Croft at .

Please visit our Parent Section of the website and contact us when you are ready to submit your forms to get your son involved.

2016 Programs & Meetings

2016 Garden Startup

Date:  May 20th – 21st 

Join our Georgia Chapter as we get our first garden started up at our Dallas facility and property.  The boys will join and get the garden prepared and planted.  This garden will in turn be worked by smaller groups of boys through out the spring/summer weeks in order to provide vegetables to their homes and for others in need in the community.  These weekly garden meetings will also provide an excellent way for the boys to continue to grow in the bond with our mentors.  Don’t miss this program as we get things kicked off for our garden harvest.  It will be a great time in God’s creation and in His Word.

2016 Pioneer Weekend

Date:  June 24th – 25th  

Join our Georgia Chapter in June as we learn pioneer ways.   This will be a great program as we learn advanced and basic skills of the pioneer ways.  It will be an over night at our Georgia camp facility and as always a great time in God’s creation and Word.  Make sure you register early for this program.